Alliston Ontario

The best of both worlds.

Driving down Victoria Street into the heart of downtown Alliston, you can’t help but experience a sense of community, a feeling of completeness and the luxury of having everything you need at your fingertips. That’s because Alliston, Ontario provides the perfect mixture of urban sophistication and amenities, while also maintaining the sweet and endearing, rustic charm of a rural community.

This mixture is so unique, it could only be captured by the creation of a new word - ‘rurban’. Intended to convey and celebrate the blurred boundaries that exist between urban and rural, it’s a term, a concept, and an ideology that Allistonians are fiercely proud of.

Residents of Alliston are also proud of the exciting growth that is happening within in Alliston. As the largest community and the ‘industrial core’ of the Town of New Tecumseth, Alliston’s population has increased significantly over the past decade as more and more families and individuals choose to make this ‘rurban’ setting their home. This trend in population growth is expected to continue throughout the next decade, as the province has designated the community of Alliston as an Urban Growth Node.

In addition to the exciting growth and development happening in Alliston, local residents are also fiercely proud of their heritage and the deep roots that can be found within the community. Part of the Town of New Tecumseth since the 1991 amalgamation of Alliston and the nearby Villages of Beeton, Tottenham and the Township of Tecumseth, the history of Alliston is deeply agrarian, initially forming as a place for local farmers to congregate, collaborate and sell their goods and products.

When it comes to farming, the area is widely and historically known for potato farming, a fact that is showcased and celebrated during the yearly Potato Festival. Taking place the weekend after the Civic Holiday, this event features a parade, midway rides, food, and other attractions, and is, once again, a testament to the interesting mixture of old and new - of rural and urban - that greets both long-time local residents and day-trip visitors alike.

It’s not just the great community events that make Alliston so special. The town also offers an eclectic and interesting ‘rurban’ mix of things to see, do, experience and explore.

For nature enthusiasts, there’s the opportunity to experience and appreciate the outdoors with a visit to Earl Rowe Provincial Park, located just outside Alliston in the Township of Adjala-Tosorontio.

Riverdale Park also provides an opportunity to get outside and enjoy a walk, hike, jog or even a dip in the new splash pad. The park also offers free concerts every Sunday afternoon during the summer months.

For golf enthusiasts, Alliston is home to the award-winning Nottawasaga Inn. Not only does this resort offer the only 45 hole golf course in Ontario, it also offers a great vacation destination and retreat nestled in the beautiful Nottawasaga Valley.

For history buffs, the community of Alliston offers many opportunities to learn more about Canada’s past. The Banting Homestead, birthplace to Sir Frederick Banting, the co-creator of insulin, has been developed into a heritage park showcasing this famous and influential Canadian. In addition, the Museum on the Boyne is another historical point of interest, providing opportunities to learn about the rich history of the area.

For those searching for entertainment, the Circle Theatre offers the latest flicks in a truly unique setting - a vintage theatre dating back to 1938. The Gibson Centre also offers entertainment, regularly featuring artists, art exhibitions, theatre and live music.

For foodies, Alliston is home to many interesting and diverse dining possibilities to delight any palate including authentic Mexican, Indian, Italian, French and Asian cuisine.

If shopping is more your passion, Alliston is home to many interesting and unique shops offering everything from cowboy boots to the latest in women’s fashions.

Whatever your interests and whatever you choose to explore and uncover, Alliston, Ontario really does offer everything you need, as well as the ‘best of both worlds’. Make a plan to come experience and enjoy the unique ‘rurban’ mixture for yourself.

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