Beeton Ontario

See what the ‘buzz’ is all about.

One visit to Beeton, Ontario and you will certainly discover what all the ‘buzz’ is about. From the picturesque, century homes dotting the tree-lined streets, to the bee-themed shops, festivals, and celebrations, it’s clear that, like a hive of bees, community and collaboration represent Beeton’s foundation and guiding principle.

History, heritage and remembering the roots of the community are also equally important. In fact, the history behind how the name ‘Beeton’ came to be is perhaps one of the most interesting aspects of this sleepy village.

Originally called ‘Clarksville’ in honour of blacksmith Robert Clark, the area was home to storekeeper and postmaster David Allanson Jones in the 1860’s. Fascinated by bees and beekeeping, Jones acquired fifty acres of land and two bee hives and became the first commercial beekeeper in the country in the 1870’s.

Jones became well-known across Canada, as well as the United States and Europe, for his apiarist skills, as well as his knowledge of beekeeping techniques. He even earned the prestigious moniker ‘Bee King of the 19th Century’. To honour this legacy and commemorate the history of the area, Clarksville was eventually renamed Bee Town, which was then later shortened to ‘Beeton’.

You’ll notice this rich and interesting heritage reflected with pride throughout the village. This is clearly demonstrated by the bee themed shops like ‘Bee Sew Busy’ that line the main street.

Perhaps the most notable celebration of the history of Beeton is the annual Honey and Garden Festival. Held in the heart of Beeton, this annual event offers flowers, fashion, vegetables, handicrafts and works of art created by local artisans. There’s also honey, of course!

The festival also features an ‘Antique Alley’ full of vintage finds and restored treasures, as well as an International Marketplace, featuring interesting and exotic artifacts from faraway lands.

Live entertainment, an eclectic variety of delicious food to sample and family-friendly activities for visitors and locals of all ages to enjoy are also featured during this popular community event.

In addition to the Honey and Garden festival, there are quite a few other interesting things to see and do in the village. A walk through the charming and historic downtown offers the opportunity to appreciate the stunning architecture dating back to the 1800’s, as well as an opportunity to perhaps even reflect on simpler times.

You’ll find another opportunity to reflect at the corner of Prospect Street and 2nd Street. The war memorial that now stands in this location is a commemorative remembrance of those who served and lost their lives in World War I and World War II, as well as those who served their country in Korea and various peacekeeping missions around the world.

There are many more landmarks to add to your list. The beautiful Old Town Hall and Opera House, for example, is an architectural and historical feature not to be missed.

For more historic exploration, a visit to Miss Edgar’s Muddy Water Hotel and Home for Wayward Girls is in order. Originally called the Beetonia hotel, the circa 1885 building is a cozy and eclectic watering-hole for locals and visitors, often offering live music and other entertainment, a pool table, and a large dose of history and charm.

The Muddy Water Hotel isn’t the only place to dine. In fact, there’re quite a few other spots in the village where you can enjoy a delicious meal or a tasty treat. Located on Main Street, local favourite ‘The Whistlestop’, is well-known for its creative and playful approach to cuisine, as well as its regular tasting events. There’s also Cremahh, a stylish, boutique-like artisan gelato shop that will surely satisfy your sweet tooth.

A unique history, a strong sense of community and the ability to enjoy the sweet and simple things in life; Beeton certainly has a lot to offer locals and visitors alike. Whether you’re interested in the Honey and Garden Festival, admiring the interesting architecture or grabbing a bite to eat at one of the local establishments, stop by today and explore and enjoy all that the village of Beeton has to offer.