Tottenham Conservation Area

Take a walk and enjoy the rejuvenating beauty that nature offers.

Equal parts nature reserve and community meeting space, the Tottenham Conservation area is a gathering place for all. Overlooking a magnificent pond and located just 40 minutes from the city of Toronto, the area offers natural trails, opportunities to fish and canoe and is known and celebrated for being a ‘natural amphitheatre’ for both music performances and firework displays.

For nature lovers, the Tottenham Conservation Area provides the opportunity to catch a glimpse of a variety of different types of wildlife, including groundhogs, swans and even a red fox or two. For the avid birdwatcher, the area is also inhabited by many different bird species, including pheasants, blue heron, and Trumpeter Swans.

The Tottenham Conservation Area is also host to several special events throughout the year. In June, the annual Bluegrass Festival comes to the Conservation Area, drawing talented musicians and attendees from around the world. The Conservation Area is also host to the annual Classic Car and Truck Show. Taking place in July, this event draws many auto enthusiasts and features a wide variety of cars, trucks and even classic snowmobiles.

Whether you decide to come for one of the special events, or just spend a day enjoying the beautiful sights and sounds of the outdoors, a trip to the Tottenham Conservation Area will give you and your family a chance to celebrate, explore and enjoy.

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