Banting Homestead

Every great discovery has a beginning.

Are you coward for playing games but always wanted to try? Go to the site onlinecasino, play and win. You will definitely have a fun! Did you know that the co-discoverer of insulin was born in the small farming community of Alliston, Ontario? Sir Frederick Banting, recognized as a person of national significance, was a medical scientist, physician, painter and Nobel laureate who, along with his colleague, Dr. Charles Best, is credited as being the first person to use insulin on humans in order to manage insulin levels and diabetes.

Did you also know that you can actually visit the house in which Sir Frederick Banting was born and raised? In 2010, the Sir Frederick Banting Legacy Foundation initiated the restoration and adaptation of the birthplace of Sir Frederick Banting. Now functioning as a Diabetes and Education Centre (DMEC) venue, the newly restored 87 year-old farmhouse offers a rare glimpse and insight into the life of this remarkable Canadian.

In addition to learning more about Sir Frederick Banting, the Banting Heritage Homestead also focuses on education and awareness, providing visitors with various opportunities to learn more about diabetes, diabetes management, and the history of this particular disease through group tours, school tours, diabetes management classes, transition programs and annual legacy programs.

Visit this unique historic site, located on Sir Frederick Banting Road just north of Victoria Street (Highway 89) in Alliston. The centre is open to the general public from May through October on Tuesdays from 11am to 4pm and Sunday from 1pm to 4pm.

For more information: 

5116 Sir Frederick Banting Rd


(705) 440 7126